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Providing Accounting and Bookkeeping in Edmonton W since 2015.

Oksana Stefanov is an  accountant with 15 years full cycle accounting experience in construction and HVAC industries, working for small companies to large corporations. Now, being a small business owner herself, she is focusing on helping small business to build a succession plan and provide reliable accounting services.

Ledgers (Edmonton W.) is dedicated to providing business owners with timely financial information to enable the growth and effective management of business operations. We are committed to providing you with cost effective solution for your full cycle accounting services for you to successfully achieve your business goals.

A brief history of Ledgers:

Ledgers was conceptualized by a team of Professional Accountants from Sydney Nova Scotia when the need for consistent, professional and affordable accounting and bookkeeping services was recognized.

After a preliminary investigation, it was realized that the small business market could not afford the services available from the CPA’s and larger firms, while services from the local ‘bookkeeper’ were not adequate.

Over the past 25 years, the Ledgers model has evolved into a one-stop location for all of the financial needs of your small business and with 100% cloud-based technology, we’ve become the Firm of the Future!

In addition to Accounting and Bookkeeping in Edmonton W, we would be pleased to assist you with the following services:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping, monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Business Plans, Budgets and Cash Flow Projections
  • Corporate Income Tax and Financial Statements
  • Incorporation’s and Business Registrations
  • Payroll and Related Services
  • Personal Income Tax

Today, there are more than 50 Ledgers Franchises across Canada, including.  We happily provide services to thousands of small businesses each month and we prepare over 10,000 personal income tax returns annually.

See a complete list of our locations here: https://ledgers.com/our-locations 

You can learn more about the Ledgers Franchise opportunity here: https://www.ledgersfranchise.ca/

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Oksana Stefanov

Address: 10215 178th Street Edmonton, AB T5S 1M3

Tel:  587-WEST-END (587-937-8363)

E-mail: edmontonw@ledgers.com

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Oksana Stefanov, Franchise Owner Ledgers (Edmonton W)

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