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Greg holds a Master’s in Public Sector Management with a focus on Financial ManagementProject Management and Planning. He has been in the field of Project Development and Planning for over 40 years. Greg lived and worked in China for over 12 years running public / private enterprises.

Catherine, his wife and partner is a trained accountant and for years was the financial partner in running a small technology business in Nanjing, China.

We view Ledgers as a great opportunity for ourselves as business people but also for our clients because Ledgers brings a level of organization and efficiency that can save our customers money and time while providing great value.


A brief history of Ledgers:


Ledgers was conceptualized by a team of Professional Accountants from Sydney Nova Scotia when the need for consistent, professional and affordable accounting and bookkeeping services was recognized.

After a preliminary investigation, it was realized that the small business market could not afford the services available from the CPA’s and larger firms, while services from the local ‘bookkeeper’ were not adequate.

Over the past 25 years, the Ledgers model has evolved into a one-stop location for all of the financial needs of your small business and with 100% cloud-based technology, we’ve become the Firm of the Future!


In addition to Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, we would be pleased to assist you with the following services:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping, monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Business Plans, Budgets and Cash Flow Projections
  • Corporate Income Tax and Financial Statements
  • Incorporation’s and Business Registrations
  • Payroll and Related Services
  • Personal Income Tax

Today, there are more than 50 Ledgers Franchises across Canada, including.  We happily provide services to thousands of small businesses each month and we prepare over 10,000 personal income tax returns annually.


See a complete list of our locations here: https://ledgers.com/our-locations 


You can learn more about the Ledgers Franchise opportunity here: https://www.ledgersfranchise.ca/

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Accounting and Bookkeeping in Nanaimo

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