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Albino has a bachelor degree and accounting diploma. He has been working with public and transnational company for over 30 years. Albino was born in Mexico and came to Canada in 2003 with his wife and three daughters and now is running his own practice with Ledgers. Also is a member in good stand of the Knight of Columbus.

Through Ledgers (Yaletown) Albino can offer a wide of services to their clients such as: accounting & bookkeepingcorporate and personal income taxbusiness plan and budgetspayroll and related servicesincorporation and registration. As small business owner I can understand your needs and give you the right service with the right price.

Albino Lara Jonguitud
Address: 1500 – 701 West Georgia St. Vancouver, BC V7Y 1C6

Tel: 604-500-9940

E-mail: alara@ledgers.com

Mon-Fri: 09AM-05PM

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