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Real Estate Agent Tax Preparation Program

Real Estate Agents Are Self-Employed

Real Estate Sales Agents are considered to be self-employed by CRA. As a self-employed individual, you are entitled to claim all expenses that directly relate to your earning income from your profession… Ledgers Professionals know the deductions you can claim, the tax credits you...

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Salary vs. Dividends, What is Best for You?

Before we can determine if you should pay yourself Salary or Dividends, it is important to first understand what exactly dividends are; Generally speaking, Dividends are amounts paid to the Shareholders (owners) of a Corporation from the Retained Earnings of that Corporation. Retained Earnings...

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CRA Audits and Requirements

What Can the Auditor Ask For? Understanding what the CRA can ask for from you and others (your accountant, your employer, your bank etc.) can assist you in preparing for your Audit and getting out of it as cleanly as possible. Under the Income...

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What Prompts an Audit by the CRA?

With the rash of recent client reviews and audits by the CRA, we provide the following information for your review. The CRA is getting extremely aggressive and causing a great deal of trouble for small business owners. Take the following information into consideration and...

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